“Bob Welsh is one of the most knowledge people I know in the custom golf equipment industry. He was an erly adopter of our Strategic Shaft Alignment Technology, and has been a strong supporter of our brand. Bob was the moving force between what would have been a partnership between MacGregor Golf and SST, had MacGregor survived the Great Recession of ’08. 

Bob is not only a visionary, but has the will to persevere and make his visions into reality. He will be an asset to anyone with a current golf related property, be it individually, corporately, or a product under development. He has long-standing relationships with many people of influence in our industry.”  

—Dick Weiss, CEO and Founder, Strategic Shaft Technology 

“When I became the CEO of MacGregor Golf, one of the first names I heard talked about was Bob Welsh, and the impact he was having on the company’s sale of customized golf equipment. 

After meeting him and going through a fitting, I realized exactly why people in the company were speaking so highly of him. Bob was not only methodical, knowledgeable, and professional, but he was also very personable and made the entire process both beneficial and enjoyable. His recommendation of 105g graphite iron shafts, which totally shocked me, proved to be spot on. As soon as I put those irons in my bag, I hit more consistent and more pleasing shots. He was right, too, when he told me that my friends would be paying for those clubs, since I started cleaning up on my regular Saturday morning game.”  

—Michael Setola, President, Greg Norman Collection 

Bob opened the door to our membership being custom-fitted with the right equipment specifications, shooting lower scores, and enjoying their games more. Bob understands equipment, and he understands how to reach golfers about equipment. His low-key selling style is based simply on immediate improvement that is measured in comparison to a golfer’s current equipment. By selling improvement, buying equipment is a “no brainer.” Our members really enjoyed his session, but also enjoyed lower scores and handicaps that came with those visits.” 

—Darrin Fedorchak, Former Director of Golf, The Club at Olde Cypress 

“Bob Welsh knows the golf business. I first met him when he was working with Ethos USA and selling Royal Collection brand golf equipment. From our first meeting, when I was with Lamkin, it was clear to me that Bob was the only one in the company who knew anything about the business of selling golf equipment. Working with him was easy and productive, and together we produced some really cool grips that added the final touch to some great looking golf clubs. I am eagerly awaiting Bob’s return to the industry so we can begin working together again.” 

—Andy Kerr, Vice President of  Sales, UST/Mamiya