For the past 25+ years, equipment manufacturers have promised longer, straighter, and more forgiving shots. If all the promises were realized, we'd all be driving the ball 350 yards, hitting every fairway and green, and sinking every putt.

Golfers still believe, however, despite all the technology used in testing drivers and irons, that putters should be purchased solely on emotions, after a bad round, and that they will eventually putt better when they finally find that 'magic one.'

Measurably Better Golf is about to end the insanity by introducing the game's most technologically advanced and innovative putters the game has ever seen. And, we will be the only manufacturer with the confidence in our product to quantify improvement through objective, digital measurement.

For the first time, golfers will be able to select the putterhead style they like and then be fitted with customizable options to maximize aim and stroke consistency, the feel of the putter that produces the most consistent and repeatable strokes, that fine tunes the feel of the ball at impact, and that produces the best launch and roll for their strokes. And, we will measure performance of every putter customization we assemble compared to their own.

Professional putter-fitting produces obvious changes in aim, stroke dynamics, angle of attack, putter path, ball launch, and most importantly, putting results.

Digital technology will quantify those changes and confirm which customization configuration delivers the best results for each and every customer!

The Measurably Better Golf Revolution is about to begin!  Viva la Revolucion!