Measurably better performance

At the core of my club-fitting philosophy is the utilization of digital technology to objectively measure and quantify ball results.

Just as launch monitors measure the parameters of ball flight, technology is now available to measure both ball response and putter and stroke dynamics.

Professional putter-fitting produces obvious changes in aim, stroke dynamics, angle of attack, putter path, ball launch, and most importantly, putting results.

Digital technology will quantify those changes and confirm which customization configuration delivers the best results for each and everyone of our customers!

  • Ratio of putterhead and ball speeds at impact
  • Face Angle & Face Rotation during the Impact Zone
  • Face Twist at impact
  • Ball Speed during the first 16 inches of the putt
  • Launch Angle & Vertical Bounce
  • Skid, Backspin & Roll 
  • Hook or Slice Side Spin
  • Point of Zero Skid / Time to Zero Skid
  • Average of up to 200 putts, including the range & standard deviation, for easy comparison of putters and putting technique*