Stage One

I am in the process of raising initial  'seed capital' needed for:

  • Completing blueprinting and design modifications of putterheads and accessories.
  • Complete patent process.
  •  3-D Drawings and 3-D Printing of All Putters,
  •  Purchasing a Quintic Ball Roll System.
  • Purchasing prototype custom-fitting case.
  • Purchasing prototype golf bags for sample putters.

Group-finding investment can be made at

Equity position will be earned based upon size of investment provided. A business prospectus detailing my strategies and tactics is available for review.

I am committed to bringing not only the game's most technologically advanced and innovative putters to avid golfers across North America, as well as manufacturing the game's highest quality putters. 

In short time, Measurably Better Golf putters will be THE putters avid golfers will have to have.

Cutting Edge tecnology & innovation

Welcome To Measurably Better Golf!